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Other Nearby Trails

Here are some other great biking options in and around Windham County. None of these trails are maintained by WCOTA, but they're open to the public.

Bellows Falls High School Trails

406 High School Rd, Westminster, VT

The BFUHS trails are primarily double track multi-use trails. They're a great starting place for beginners and where we hold our no-drop rides.

Windmill Hill Pinnacle Loop

1026 Windmill Hill Rd. North, Westminster, VT

A great intermediate loop with a view from the top. This trail on Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association land is primarily a hiking trail but provides for great biking as well. Best ridden counterclockwise.

The Food Network and Stonewall Farm

242 Chesterfield Rd, Keene, NH

These two trail networks, connected by the Keene Rail Trail, are a great option for intermediate riding. All single track mountain bike trails, these networks offer a combination of tech and flow. Address above is for Stonewall Farm parking.

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